1) Material type for Trading goods?

2)Select Correct movement type for Goods transfer to vendor
a) 543
b) 541
c) 501
d) 521

3)Select correct class type for PO Release Strategy
a) 032
b) 023
c) 001
d) 021

4)which is prerequite to transfer stock of one material to another?
a) Valution Class should be Same
b) UOM should be same
c) Material Type
d) Reciving and issue storage location should be same

5)how does po pick up purchasing group?
a) Material Master
b) Purchase info record
c) Vendor Master
d) None of the Above

6) How MRP Calculate Procurement Proposal Qty?
a) On basis of Current stock position
b) by considering lot size
c) Current Open PR and PO
d) All of Above

7) Which is Default doc type for MRP PR?
a) UB
b) NB
c) NB1

8) Excise Register for Depos
a) RG23A
b) RG23C
c) RG23D
d) RG1

9)The ___________ stock supplied by vendor to company in his location with company has no liability.
a) Consignment Stock
b) Subcontrating Stock
c) Project Stock

10) Why we need different PR types
a) For No range Identification
b) For individual release strategy
c) For individual control via enhancement
d) All of above

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