SAP MM Quiz (3)

1)T Code for automatic PO
a) ME59
b) ME41
c) ME54

2)Select Correct movement type for Goods receipt without Prod Order
a) 543
b) 521
c) 511
d) 101

3)Select correct class type for Variant Class
a) 300
b) 023
c) 032
d) 021

4)Total PO Qty 100,Underdelivery & Over delivery Tolerance 10 %,GRN made 95 How system will consider this PO?
a) Delivery Completed
b) Open PO
c) Partially close PO

5)MRP Type VB,Reorder Point 100 Mt,Fix Lot size 10 Mt,current stock is of 85 Mt what will be the situation of procurement proposal after MRP Run?
a) One PR, Qty 25
b) 3 Prs with individual Qty of 10
c) 3 Prs with 10,10 and 5 Qtys respectively

6) Commercial invoice is
a) a document that states a commitment from the seller to provide specified goods to the buyer at specific prices
b) the final bill from the exporter to the buyer that conforms in all respects to the agreement
c) related to excise duties which has to be payed to the Excise authorities and also other statutory requirements

7) Movement type for PID with WM?
a) 711&712
b) 701&702

8) is it possible to take print of unreleased PO in ME9F
a) Yes
b) NO

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