SAP MM Quiz (4)

1)T Code for PO Release Individual
a) ME29n
b) ME28
c) ME54n

2)What is usage of info update option in purchase orders
a) If just one info record (with or without plant) exists, it is updated
b) If no info record exists and "plant condition requirement" was specified in Customizing, an info record with plant is created. Otherwise, an info record without plant is created.
c) If two info records exist (that is, one info record with plant and one without plant) the info record with plant is updated
d) All of the above

3)Where can we define days for Reminder/Expediter?
a) Material Master
b) Purchase Order
c) Both

4)What considition type NAVS denotes?
a) Total Non Deductable taxes
b) Total Cenvatable Taxes
c) Total taxes on PO

5)Can Single PO have multiple address for delivery?
a) Yes
b) No

6) Indicator which means that incoming invoices and credit memos are checked for double entries at the time of entry
a) Chk Double Inv
b) Individual Payment
c) Last Dunned

7) Movement type for Stock transfer returns to returns?
a) 455
b) 454
b) 412

8) __________ is agreement between supplier and customer to supply certain material or materials within specified time period and for specific target value.
a) Value Contract
b) Quantity Contract Con

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