Negative Stock Posting in SAP

In normal scenario there must be Quantity available in stock before goods issue, SAP has standard set up to check stock position for each and every issue and transfer posting.

We may face situation where we can not take GRN of material prior to issue, Here Negative stock posting concept comes in picture.

Negative stock posting permits stock movement irrespective of stock availability.

Here is process to Set up negative stock posting.

Negative posting can be allowed on Plant as well as St Location Level.

Negative Stock Posting setting

Now Select Plant and Click on St Loc for further setup

Above setting will permit negative stock posting on Plant- 2200 and St Loc. 0001

We can also control posting via Material current setting in Plant Data – 2 View

Negative Stock Posting setting
Negative Stock in Material Master


1. It should be allowed for selected materials only.

2. There must fix frequency for reconciliation of negative stock.

3. All Goods receipt and prod entries should be made timely.

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