Release Strategy process for purchasing documents i.e. purchase requisition or purchase orders Release strategy contains sequence of release codes for approval process

We can define maximum 8 levels of release codes.

Here we have covered purchase order release strategy set up procedure.

Below screen shot displays config path for Purchase Order Release Strategy

SAP Release Strategy Path

We have to define all below steps to configure perfect release strategy.

1. Release Group 2. Release Codes 3. Release Indicator 4. Release Strategies

Step 1- Define Rel Grup

Define Release Group
Define Release Group

Step 2- Define Rel Code

This key denotes person responsible for Procurement Approval (2 Character Value)

Define Release Code

Step 3- Set Rel Indicator

It controls blocking and approval of Procurement Documents Here we can also define parameters for release strategy retrigger and value change.

Define Release Indicator Define Release Indicator

Step 4- Release Strategy Setup

As mentioned above release strategy is sequence of release code.It is basically combination of Rel Code ( Step 2) and Rel Indicator (Step 3)

Release Strategy Setup
Release Strategy Setup
Release Prerequisites

Rel Indicator R is assigned to 4 th level.

Order will only be considered released after approval of release code VP.

Release Strategy Setup

Here configuration part is over.

Now current settings need to be done on Value,Doc Type,Pur Grup and Plant.

In below example Strategy X1 will consider

1. Document Type – NB

2. Pur Grup – Z01

3. Total Net Value - >0.01 – 10000 INR

4. Plant – 1000

Release Prerequisites

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