PR/PO Release Strategy Re determine/Re trigger

Need of PR/PO release re determine depend on business requirement of individual companies.


 Here We have taken Example of 2 level strategy assigned to Purchase Group



Level                   Value                       Pur Grup


A1                   0 – 1000 INR                P30              


A2                   >10000 INR                  P30


 Buyer has created Purchase order with value 600 Rs,After final Approval of PO i.e. Indicator X now Buyer wants to change Basic  PO price, In this Case ideally it should for reapproval.


Here if the PO value crosses the band of 0-1000 INR it would surely go to re release

In some cases it is assumed that buyer already got approval for 1000 INR   while he has used only 600 INR out of it, so there is no need to re approval.


This setting can be achieved for both indicator i.e. Blocked or Released.

Release Strategy Reset



For indicator 3- release strategy would be re determine if there will be new release strategy, all value addition or subtraction changes would have no effect on existing release strategy.

 For indicator 6 – If there is change in value or new strategy or output taken system would re determine or cancel all release level in existing release strategy it self.


rest all indicators can be used as per purpose.




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