SAP Automatic Purchase order creation

As we may aware that Role of buyer is to get material at right price, right quantity and correct time.

In next few steps we will see how to automate purchase order creation to reduce working load of buyers.

For every automation we must have to fulfill certain prerequisites, below is list of prerequisites and master set up for automatic purchase order creation.


I. Source list (for vendor and material relationship fix up)

II. Outline agreement (for price and tax details.

III. Material Master :Purchasing view Automatic PO tick

IV. Vendor master purchasing view automatic PO tick

V. Purchase info record

Material Master :Purchasing view Automatic PO tick

Auto po tick in material master

Automatic PO Indicator in Vendor Master Purchasing view

Automatic PO Indicator in Vendor Master

Fixed Vendor in PR or source list fixed.

Fixed Vendor in PR

Purchase info record creation

Purchase info record creation

Automatic Creation of PO from Requisitions:

Automatic conversion is commonly used in well-maintained systems where manual intervention is minimum or not at all required.

If above prerequisites are maintain then we can directly run transaction code ME59N to convert PR into PO.On execution of below t code system will also display list of error if any.

Automatic Creation of PO me59n

On execution successful execution of me59n system will convert PR into PO and PR status will be set as closed

Automatic Creation of PO me59n

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