SAP Preventive Maintenance Scheduling Steps

Step I-Creation of Maint Task List ( T Code IA05)

Maintenance task lists contain sequence and list of maint activities/operations which should be completed periodically for machine within a company.

One task list may contain one or more than one operation with different maint frequency i.e. Monthly, halfyearly,yearly

task list creation
Enter below Details and Click on Operation task list creation

List down Operations to be covered under task list and Approx time required ans assign maintenance frequecy by using maintenance pakage option and save

task list creation

Task List Created with Group No 1544

Step II- Creation of Maint Plan ( T Code IP42)

Enter Maint Plan Category and Maint Strategy

maint plan creation

Enter Below Inputs

1.Order Type
2.Planning Plant
3.Work Centre
maint plan creation

Enter Scheduling parameter

Note: The scheduling parameter data which defaults into maintenance plans can be changed as necessary.

This allows the planner some flexibility in the execution of the maintenance plans, without getting too far from the standardization provided in the maintenance strategy.

Start of Cycle shows Start of Maint Plan

maint plan scheduling parameters

Completion requirement – This indicator controls creation of new preventive maintenance orders, system will only generate new order if previous maintenance order is closed.

If last maintenance order is not closed then last order will be considered as pending for preventive maintenance.

Step III- Schedule Maintenance Plan ( T Code IP10)

We have created Task list which is list of operations to be performed and Maint Plant contains frequency of maint work to be performed.

On scheduling of maint plan,system would create Maint Order automatically in background as per Frequency i.e. Monthly.

Defining of task list and Maint Plan is one time job, In routine user just needs to Schedule plans for Automatic Preventive Maint Order.

Enter Maint Plan No
scheduling maintenance Plan

Click on Start Button , Enter Date in start of cycle.

scheduling maintenance Plan

In above maint plan Monthly frequency is taken so system will schedule Call for each month upto next five year.

scheduling maintenance Plan

Release Call – Select Call No to be release and Press green flag for release.

On release system will create Preventive maintenance order for further processing.

maintenance Plan release call

Save …. Preventive Maint Order will be created in background

Step IV- Order list Display (IW38)

These are automatic created orders, initial order Status is CRTD which indicates that order is in created stage, select order no to be used and press release flag(green).

You may use different order type and no range for preventive or breakdown for clear identification; In below screen shot Order type PM13 represents Preventive maintenance order.

T Code list of PM Orders

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