Predictive/Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)

Condition based maintenance reduces plant downtime for on-going maintenance to the minimum by means of a heightened monitoring system.

It is a process of monitoring the condition of an equipment / object and carrying out maintenance to avoid the potential breakdowns in future.

This is a proactive downtime avoidance methodology, which can also be called Condition monitoring and diagnostic maintenance.

This is achieved by recording the condition of machine at a point of time on regular basis. Inspection and exchange of data in real time communicated through open integrated system.

It help us in increasing operating time, reduction in maint costs thus improved exploitation of resources and better maintenance.

Measurement Point and Counter

We use this utility of PM to enter a measurement reading or a counter reading of a technical object.

Measuring point is a system object representing a physical device that measures a parameter for an object, such as a machine or a piece of equipment. Values measured at the measuring point can increase or decrease at any point in time.

The location from where the measurement is done is the measurement point. The measurement point where the data gets cummulate is called as counter.

We use the facility of counter to record a counter reading of any equipment. The measuring point where values is seen on a counter which run either forwards or backwards This helps in performing counter based maintenance for e.g. change of filters based on running/usage hours in generators.

SAP Measuring Point as Counter

Measurement document

The data recorded in system after a measurement by entering data against measuring point or counter is called as measurement document in SAP,Data can be transferred automatically or manually in both ways.

We can also define current status, usage, wear, or reduction in usage by the way of measurement document.

We can also record different conditions like temperature, pressure, number of RPM in measuring points in form of measurement readings.

Here we can also record counter readings like vehicle mileage, electricity consumption at counters in the form of counter readings.

SAP Measurement document

Counter based Maintenance

With the help of counter based maintenance plans, you can plan regular maintenance checkups as per counter readings maintained for equipment and functional locations.

Maintenance takes place when the counter for the technical object has reached a certain reading, for example, every 250 operating hours, every 500 molding cycles, etc. The Schedule date depends on the counter reading at the time of planning and the estimated annual performance that has been defined for the counter.

You can use performance-based maintenance planning, to ensure that the operations contained in the maintenance task list are performed at a time when the technical object actually requires maintenance. (eg. maintenance of a machine after producing 500 tons of cotton etc.)

1.1.1 Purpose

• To carry out predictive maintenance on equipment based on measurable parameter.

• To record the parameters which is critical for the health of equipment.

• To carry out maint work as per running hours of any equipment.

• To keep the record of machine parameter and plot the trend.

• To take decision to go for maintenance or replacement of spare by sensing a climb or decline of the plotted machine parameter curve.

• To keep a check on the operating limit of a machine parameter like pressure, temperature etc. and if there is any deviation, system triggers a call for maintenance.

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