SAP Breakdown Notification Process Flow

Purpose – Maintenance Notification is intimation from User Dept to Concern Maintenance Team about Breakdown information or Request for Equip Maintenance.

Select Appropriate Notification Type.

SAP PM Notification Creation

Fields to be entered

1.Description- Informative Field which may consist general or specific problem details.(Mandatory)

2.Maint Work Center – Area where Work to perform.

3.Reported by – Problem Identifier Name (Mandatory).

4.Planner Group – Maint Team Responsible for planning and processing of maint task (Optional).

5. Valid from – Date and time of Reporting. (Optional else Current Date and time Default.

Change PM Notification” title=

T Code IW22

Enter Date and Time of completion.

At the time of notification creation user Status CRTD Set as default, here on completion of Work user has to select Status as JBCO.

which indicates that all necessary jobs are performed and completed.

User Status is optional to notification process.

Change PM Notification” title=

on Saving of notification its status would change to NOCO.

Change PM Notification” title=

It shows that Notification is completed.

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