SAP Preventive Maintenance Process Flow

Preventive maintenance major role is to minimize chances of equipment failures.

It ensures maximum availability of equipment (objects) in the long term is an important part of Plant Maintenance. Preventive maintenance is used to improve the availability of machines for production, Hence it has straight impact on company's profitability and performance.

The scope of Preventive Maintenance covers all the Plant & Machinery in TRADC.

One of the most significant advantages offered by the SAP Plant Maintenance application component is the option of split-level maintenance.

You can use maintenance planning to describe the dates and scope of preventive maintenance and inspection activities of technical objects. You can plan for your technical objects to be maintained on time and thereby function optimally.

10.1.2 Inspection

All measures that determine the actual condition of an operational system.

10.1.3 General Repair

All measures that restore the target condition of an operational system.

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SAP Preventive Maintenance Process Flow

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