Alternative BOM Item

Alternative BOM Item determination

It is used to group together alt items or material in Bill of material.

Any of the item in the alt item group may be included in the main assembly.These items called as alternative in bill of material.

Alternative items with a usage probability

Now we know that alternative item is an item which we can use in place of main bill of material item hence we should maintain probability of its usage.

Material requirements planning (MRP) consider its usage probability to determine dependent requirements for materials.

In prod order, dependent requirements can be converted to a reservation.

The withdrawal posting for the reservation in production order uses either the usage probability or the 100% availability check according to ATP logic.

Alternative items for information

We can also maintain alternative item for information only.

For example, the item is only relevant to missing parts. So we can set its usage probability as zero.

Alternative BOM Item

You need to maintain the following in the Item group for each item in the bill of material:

Usage Probability

Material requirements planning (MRP) plans the alternative items according to Probability of usage.

If we consider usage probability to determine withdrawal posting (strategy 1), then system will propose quantities as per usage probability however you can edit/change proposed quantities.

System will plan alternative item only if usage probability is set more than zero i.e. min 1%.

If usage probability is zero then system will generate dependent requirement with zero quantity for the material.

However component with zero quantity is displayed in the planned order,here you can change or increase its quantity.

we can plan for multiple alternative item because you can enter usage probabilities that add up to more than 100%.


If you have entered multiple alternative items then you have to assign priority of an item.

It determines sequence in which material components are to be reserved during production order creation.


We have setup usage probability and Priority for alternative item now we will set up strategy to be followed during MRP run for alternative Item.

It is only relevant to withdrawal posting during production order processing. System ignores strategy during MRP run.

strategy is used to determine that how items within an alternative item group to be selected for the withdrawal posting. This strategy applies to all alternative items in an alternative item group.

The following strategies for withdrawal postings are supported:

Withdrawal according to usage probability (manual changes possible)Withdrawal if availability is 100%.

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