FI-PP integration

FI-PP modules integrate on below points.

1) At the time of production order generation, system calculates planned costs on basis of bill of material component and Routing/Master Recipe master data.

Here Controlling document generates for Planned cost postings.

2) At the time of bill of material component issue goods to production order.

Accounting and controlling entries generate.

FI Entry- Consumption Account Debit

To Inventory stock Account Credit

Controlling Document posts primary cost to cost center.

3) At the time of operations confirmation, the cost centers assigned gets charged with the activity costs.

Here system posts secondary cost to production cost centers.

4) Production goods receipt-Accounting Entries.

Finished Goods Account Debit.

To cost of goods produced account credit.

5) At the time of WIP run for partially delivered production order.

Accounting Entry -

Work in progress account (WIP) Debit.

To Change in WIP account Credit.

6) We must complete all production order for technical completion before order settlement.

Accounting Entries after order settlement.

Price Difference (Goods) Account.

To cost of goods produced Account.

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