Material Search for Equipment BOM

SAP provides different ways to search materials on basis of its name, type, characteristics, usage and others.

We all know that many companies are using SAP Plant Maintenance Module for material issue in place of MM.

We got one requirement from end users for searching based on Equipment Bill Of material.

Input should be Equipment No and in out put system should display all BOM Component of equipment bill of material.

Here is setup for Material search by Equipment Bill of Material.

Here we will link all relevant tables and fields in one group.

T Code – SE11

Material Search Help Creation

Click on Create and add tables relevant to Equip Bill of Material.

Material Search Help Creation
Material Search Help Creation

Here join conditions are defined between table EQST and STPO for Field STLNR.

Material Search Help Creation

Now activate view, remember for correct processing and desired results it is mandatory to have Status Active.

Now we will create Elementary Search for Equipment Bill of Material.

Elementary Search

Enter Selection Method “NEW_BOM_1” ( we have already created method above)

Search selection method creation

Select appropriate dialog type, we have taken with Value restriction Option.

Select required Fields with export and import options and sequence of display.

Search selection method creation

It is mandatory to active any object/view after creation in SAP so it should be activated.

Search selection method creation

Click on test button for Search option accuracy checking.

F4 Search Option

On Pressing F4 on EQUNR field system will pop up input screen.

F4 Search Option

Enter Equipment No for search,System will display list of all BOM Items maintained for equi no 100003542.

Equipment BOM List

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