Prod Order GR restrict before confirmation

This document contains steps to restrict Goods Receipt without Prod Order confirmation with the help of user status

If order is not confirm then user should not allowed for goods receipt against production order or process order.

Define Status Profile

 Define Status Profile

We will utilize Status Profile for achieving above objective.

Click on the Define Status Profile and Click on New Entry and define Status Profile name and Language.

 Define Status Profile

In above screen we can define User Status for object type and by means of user status we can control different functions related to object like release of production order,no goods receipt, no goods issue,Prod order confirmation.

Tick Initial Status Flag

If Status is marked as initial, it will automatically active an object when the order is created. It will set initial user status as NGR- GR not allowed.

Enter Lowest Status number as 1 and Highest Status number as 2.

Status NGR assigned to Status number 1,Lowest Status No 1 and Status AGR has Status No 2,Lowest Status No 2.

Once Status AGR is active for object then only status no 2 or higher may be activated however if Status AGR has never been active, status with Status no 1 or higher may be activated.

Select Status and click on object type, select object type to be link with User Status, Here Process Order and PP/PM order selected.

 Order type selection

Now click on User Status to activate user status based control setting for business Transactions.

Select Influences you want to link with User Status and Click the Set Bottom.

Here influence forbidden assigned to GR for prod order for Status NGR- GR not allowed.

 user status influence set up

Status Profile Assignment

 Status Profile Assignment

Above screen is used to create relationship between status profile and order type so that user status based control can be activated on assigned order type only.


At the time of production order creation system will pick up status profile from order type and will assign and activate initial user status to order.

 Prod order

In above screen User Status NGR activated for Order type LS01,Click on blue button to get list of all active Status.

Testing of scenario

In above step we have created production order but it it yet to confirm, now we will prepare GRN for Order.

 Prod order Confirm

System has blocked GRN Preparation and throw error message.

Hence we have achieved objective to restrict GRN before order confirmation.

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