SAP Availability Check

Availability check is one of the most important part of order processing.

It helps us knowing the stock position dynamically and prevents short delivery and improve process Performance.

Define checking Rules

system performs availability check on basis of checking rule and checking group combination which is assigned in material master.

checking group defines type of requirements to be used in checking with the help of checking rule.

SAP Checking Group Define

Define checking Rule

Here checking rule determine how to availability check to be carried out and what level it should be carried out.

we should define checking rule for each and every application like Process/Prod Order, Sales Order and Other type of Order Profile.

SAP Checking Group Rule

Define Scope of check

in above few lines we have told about different aspect and usage of this sap functionality.

In Scope of check we define that what type of inwards(receipts) and Outwards(issues) and inventory(Stock Position), Here we can define that availability check may be performed with Lead time and without it.

SAP Scope of check

Define checking Control

we can define checking rule on some dependent parameters like Plant, Order and even on Operation Level also.

check can be applied on below 2 characteristics

During Process Order creation

During Process Order Release

Here we define control or decision making parameter for application like whether should allow order creation/release if there is shortfall of Quantity.

PRT and Capacity availability can also be control from here.

Below Screen shot showing set up for Availability check during order Creation.

we can also consider Past and Future receipts, No Inspection for St.Loc.

availability Check for Order Creation

selection Options for process controlling.

controlling order creation

above Screen shot shows procedure to set up Availability check during order Release.

Master data setup for above functionality,

Assignment of checking group to all relevant bill of materials, it can also defined in MRP 3 view of Item Master.

below is screen for Process Order creation, here availability check is enabled to this order type.

PP Order Creation

Manual availability check can is executed by clicking availability check icon.

execute availability check

list of missing items.

Missing Part List
Missing Part List

some time we have to allow user for creation and release of order inspite of missing parts,in setting we have given freedom to user for order releasing in spite of missing part.

we can also setup availability check in Plant Maintenance Orders and sales orders.

For Plant maintenance Orders process is almost similar while for Sales order there are few changes.

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