Variant Configuration is special feature of SAP which provides us facility to handle different characteristic of material with single material code.

Here we have taken example of product having multiple packing type.

Creation of Characteristics

Variant Characteristic Creation

Maintain all type of product packing as characteristic value.

Variant Characteristic Creation

variant configuration establish relation between product feature and prices under single umbrella so now we will create Price Characteristic.

Variant Condition Creation

maintain value in additional data tab as mentioned below.

Variant Condition table

Creation of Class

Here Class is used to group all characteristic of product in order to describe it completely.

First of all we will link up relevant characteristic to variant class.

Maintain class description,validity period and status.

Variant Class

Assign both characteristic ZBAG and ZPRICE to class.

Variant Class assignment

Creation of Configurable Material

Material having capacity to linkup with different characteristic and dependent pricing is called Configurable Material.

It can be created by 2 ways 1.Select material type as KMAT or 2. Tick indicator configurable material in Material Master Basic Data 2 Screen.

Create material and assign above created class type ZSA to it.

Variant Class to material assignment

Creation of Configurable Profile

Each configurable object must have configuration profile, it controls the configuration process in sales order.

Configurable profile plays central processing unit (CPU) kind of role in process,it controls scope of object,value assignment,value and characteristic relationship.

configuration profile

Enter priority , profile name and class type

select profile click on go to --- profile detail then config initial screen


It describe the inter dependency between characteristic and its value and it control which component are to be selected from bill of material.

Use- In VC , we use dependency to control combination of variants. This prevent combination of variants which are not allowed.

Dependency also select exactly the right BOM component and operation to produce variant.

There are 2 ways to create dependency 1. T Code CU01 or create dependency in characteristic.

Go to transaction CT04 select value-- Extra--- Object dependency editor.

dependency creation

Dependency Editor

dependency editor

follow same procedure for above all values.

Pricing and Condition Record

in T Code VK11 we maintain condition record for basic price of the material or the condition type PR00.

we need to maintain condition record for all characteristics values for condition type VA00.

Maintain pricing for each variant.

maintain condition record

Creation of Sales bill of material (BOM)

enter Material,Plant and BOM usage as 5 in initial screen then enter BOM component and their quantities..

Variant BOM ,br>

Select Component go to Extra--- Object Dependency--- Editor

select dependency type Selection Condition and Enter Syntax

Dependency editor
Dependency editor

Sales Order Creation

Create sales order with configurable material and select its characteristic value assignment in sales order.

configurable sales order

For Characteristic BAG SA value 1 selected which is liner so system picked variant condition as 1.

configurable sales order

system will automatically select item category as TAC and schedule line category CP,as per variant value selection system explodes the sales order BOM and picks BOM component for further use.

variant sales order

Price Calculation

variant price calculation

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