SAP Capacity Planning calculation and Work Scheduling

In SAP PP, Planning is relevant to mainly two things

a) Material requirement planning b) Capacity Planning

SAP ensures Material availability with the help of MRP run, in a similar way work center capacity planning is used to know available capacity ( Machine availability ) for a manufacturing process. To calculate capacity of any machine we need 2 things

I. Machine Availability (Time)

II. Conversion Formula (Relation between prod processing and Time)

Work center/resource is a key master for capacity and order scheduling.

I).Machine Availability (Time) or Capacity Creation

First of all, we define machine availability time for the production process, It can be defined in terms of Hour/Min/Seconds.

Capacity Creation

Capacity Header Details

Capacity Planner Group

This key which represents a responsible person for above capacity.

Pooler capacity

In Pooled capacity concept, we can allocate same capacity for multiple/ several work centers within same plant.

Factory Calendar

It is to be used in Capacity calculation, we can assign only one factory calendar to plant, It contains Holiday and weekly off list. Assign calendar consider 5 working days in a week. Base unit of Measure- Unit in which capacity to be calculated.

Capacity Creation
Standard available capacity

Here Start time is given as 00:00:00 and finish time as 24:00:00, break time 00:00:00, It means that machine will be available 24 hours for prod, If we enter break time i.e. Lunch or Tea break then system will reduce same time from operating time.

Capacity utilization

We can also define that what capacity utilization system should consider at the time of capacity calculation.

No of Capacity

No of machine or work centers.

Planning details
Relevant to Finite scheduling

This option enables system to determine that whether capacity should be checked during capacity availability check or not. If we wont tick then system will understand that above capacity can be used for infinite load.


Allowed overload for capacity in terms of percentage.

II). Conversion Formula (Relation between prod processing and Time)

Work Center Capacity and Scheduling formula Creation.

First of all we understand what formula is, formula is a string or equation of few or many parameters with either multiplication/divide/subtraction or addition.

Define formula parameters for work centers.
SPRO path for work center formula parameter
define formula parameter

In parameter we define origin (indicator to know origin of parameter), Dimension of parameter.

In below parameter dimension “TIME” is consider and “H” (Hour) as measurement unit for time

define formula parameter

Another Parameter as CMR11-Machine

define formula parameter creation

Now we will create work center formula by using above parameters.


The first step of production is setting or making machine ready for production, it is called Setup.

Set up time is fix time for any process and it has no relation with production lot size.

SPRO path for work center formula creation
Machine Setup formula creation
Processing time

Processing time is directly proportional to prod lot size so for this calculation we will use multiplication of Parameter CMR11-Machine and SAP_09- Operation Qty(SAP Standard)

Processing formula creation

Formula assignment to Work Center.

work center formula
Formula assignment for Capacity Calculation
work center capacity formula
Formula assignment for Production Order Scheduling
work center scheduling formula

We may also check formula result in work center screen by using test formula function.

Here Operation Qty is taken as 300 MT and Standard value for both parameter as 1.

capacity formula test capacity formula test

For Capacity calculation and Order Scheduling, we must assign Work center in routing

routing work center

Production Order Creation- System determines planned capacity requirement at time of order creation, capacity requirement has direct relation with prod lot qty.

SAP Production order Creation

We have created order for 200 and system calculated Prod End date as per scheduling formula enter in work center.

Lets us check capacity situation

Work Center Capacity Planning view (Before Order Creation)
Capacity Planning view Before Order Creation
Work Center Capacity Planning view (After Order Creation)
Capacity Planning view on Order Creation

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