Automatic COGI Cleaning

In SAP PP, this is always time consuming to check transaction in Error i.e. COGI T Code.

We can’t do month or year end with these errors records.

What is COGI?

COGI is a T code used to clear the Goods movement that has been collected as errors

Why Entries go to COGI

1. When there is lock Entry in the table.

2. When there is deficit of stock for the issue material

3. If the Master Data not correct (Missing St Loc,).

4. Incorrect posting date (Previous Period Date).

There can also be some others reason for COGI so it is suggested to check COGI records frequently.

Entries in COGI Needs to be cleared periodically, if you want to avoid manual intervention to clear COGI so SAP has provided few standard programs.




we can use above programs for COGI Clear in Background Purpose.

Just Schedule the BG Jobs for the programs once the system has been setup for the usage.

in background Scheduling always remember all Programs should have different Timing, Otherwise there would be conflict.

This is very important to follow

* No COGI should be left unattended.

* Proper posting to be done.

* Inventory must be accurate.

* Costs are booked correctly etc etc.

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