SAP Project System Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart is used to Monitor schedule for complex Project, It displays details in the from on Bars.

It contains start and end date of activities.

We can review or monitor project progress at the level of Activity, Network, WBS and finally on project level.

At the time of activity creation we define duration for activity completion and respective work centre.

In similar way activities are confirmed as per actual progress of work.


Normal Duration of Activity – 300 days

(Date 10 Feb) 1 st confirmation -120 days – Work completed – ((120/300)*100) = 40 %

(Date 20 Feb) 2 nd confirmation - 80 days - Work completed – (((80+120)/300)*100) = 66 %

Above example is works perfect where there is no delay in project but just assume that At the time of 1st confirmation only 20 % work is actually completed i.e. ideally 40 % should be completed but only 20 % work completed within 120 Days.

It means that we should not consider work completion on basis of Days/ hours confirmed it should be consider on basis of actual work completion percentage and same must be displayed on Project Gantt Chart.

Follow below given procedure to get actual work completion in Gantt Chart.

At the time of activity creation it is required to enter normal duration for activity; here calculation key 2 is entered to capture processing percentage of work on Gantt Chart.

Project activity creation

Below screen shot displays normal status of project or Project before confirmation:

Project Gantt Chart

Click on button to add % work completion (Actual work completed %) and in planning board select Date bar text tab and maintain fields as below.

We can display maximum 5 value on Bars i.e. all sides and with in bar.

In below screen Processing percentage of work taken at below of bar.

Project Gantt Chart Layout settings

Save the settings.

Enter actual work completion in processing % of work field.

Project activity confirmation

In Above steps we have changed Gantt chart supporting value layout as per our requirement, here you can see actual work completion 40 % displayed along with Red Bar.

Processing % on Gantt Chart

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