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Budget Supplement


Menu Path: Logistics>Project System>Financials>Budgeting>

Supplement (CJ37)



CASE-1 �Budget supplement � In project (If we have funds at the project level and supplement to lower level WBS)

Here we have to give Project defination for which we want to supplement the budget.



For example WBS : Y.001.73-03 is taken and we will supplement it with Rs.50,000.

We can see from current budget that 2,00,000 is alloted as shown in the below slide.





Press enter



Here we can see the change in values from 2,00,000 to 2,50,000. Save.


Now supplementation is done and we have to release the supplemented budget in CJ32.







We can see the changes in the distributable value. Now Save. Our budget is updated.


CASE -2Budget supplement � To �project (If we are directly supplementing to WBS)






Copy the values from current budget column to Release column and check.



Now Save the supplemented budget is now released for utilization.