By Anuj D. Raina

Many time Programmers may face challenge to analyze and find out problems in Smartform in Production server

You need to debug smartform in your live server but you are not authorized to access tcode Smartforms or Se37 (Function builder) in Production server.

In next few steps we will describe simple debugging technique to debug smartform with example of QM Report.

Start your debugger with T Code /h

In below example Quality Management Module report is taken for analyzing and demonstration purpose.

Smartform Debug

Run your curser to code calling function module for smartform and Press F5.

Abap Code_Scanner

Search for perform statement “PERFORM %GLOBAL_INIT.” And maintain breakpoint over mentioned statement.

Drive cursor on statement using command F8 and enter into the perform statement using F5.


F5 will take you into smartform screen. Search for your required code for further testing.


above process can be used to debug any type of smartforms directly.

New issue of Abap tricks you will bring you more tips and tricks for Abap Prog and short coding.

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