Concept and understanding of SAP TSTC table

By Anuj D. Raina

If you wish to search T Code based on.

1) Program name
2) Transaction text
3) Table name (for Parameter Transaction)

Table TSCT is master for Transaction code.

The field PGMNA states program name assigned to tcode.

Field DYNPO describes screen number for program called by tcode.

CINFO stores hexadecimal number defining transaction type (dialog, parameter, variant) and status (locked).

Some of the values of CINFO are

80 - Tcode is Report Transaction, PGMNA: Program name, DYNPO: Screen number

02 – Tcode for Parameter Transaction (Table maintenance) PGMNA : Program name is empty, DYNPO: Screen number is empty

00 – Module pool (Dialog Program) PGMNA: Program name, DYNPO: Screen number

You can search Tcode in TSTC table by directly passing program name to table.

You can also search via transaction text (although it’s not easy to remember the exact transaction text, but * character can be useful).

TSTC table can be useful for direct search of Tcode.

TSTCT table is combination of Tcode name and Transaction Text.

TSTCV is View name ( Join of Table TSTC and TSTCT) .

TSTCP table basically means for Parameter Transaction ( ie Tcode assigned to Table for Table maintenance).

PARAM Field contains value like :/*SM30 OR /*SM31 is Standard tcode for Table maintenance. VIEWNAME = ‘TABLE NAME’ (Transparent Table name).

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