Error Detail 1-One of the entries of all, keeps giving the error message as


Item was already posted with another document number



Solution- Check in FEBAN that whether the particular amount in Bank Statement is showing Green or Red.

If it is showing Green, then it has already been posted. In the amount itself you can find the document number.





Error Details 2- Error message received while saving the production order after release.


No Control record for Activity type 1000/2600131402/MFGOVH in version 000 / 2004 activity planning / qty planning

SAP Message No. KL 023.


Diagnosis : No activity planning or quantity planning has been carried out for Activity type 1000/2600131402/MFGOVH in Version 000 and fiscal year 2004.



Solution-This message appears when activity type is not maintained for current year. If last year worked, that means you only have to maintain for actual period.


Maintain the activity type by using transaction KP26.

Menu path: Accounting-Controlling-Cost center accounting-Planning-Activity Output/Price-Change


In the first selection screen, you choose the period and fiscal year, and then you must enter activity types from ... to...

, in your case: MFGOVH

Maintain this Activity and should work.






Error Details 3- Error Message during new material code creation

No external number assignment possible for mat. type Finished Product

SAP Message no. M3317

Reason � No Range for Material Type FERT not maintained.


Solution-Use T Code MMNR- Material Master No Range


Add Material type in Group and assign no range interval to it.





Error Details 4- Error during purchase order creation


Account requires an assignment to a CO object


Reason-You have not defined a CO account assignment for this GL account that is relevant to cost accounting.


For each expense GL Account there should be a primary cost element.


Solution- Use T Code OKB9 and assign G/L account to cost object with ur company code and save.


Or u can also define default cost center in primary cost element.. both sol has there own implications