Automatic Delivery Reminder to vendor

When we talk about role of buyers in any organization, it starts from receiving indents, processing, Purchase order placement and Delivery follow-ups.

Many times buyers missed out or forget to follow up for item delivery. It becomes more important if buyer is dealing with C category of vendors.

SAP has given facility to send automatic delivery reminders to vendors.

Here we can send max 3 reminders to any domain vendor however we have facility to change schedule of reminders by customization.

Key is maintained under purchasing view of material master.

Purchasing value Key

Above screen shows 3 reminder levels, first level will trigger 7 days before material delivery date, second level 2 days before material delivery and still material is not delivered then next reminder will trigger 7 days after delivery date.


Enter Input whichever is applicable i.e. PO doc type, PO No, Vendor & Reference Date then Tick Generate and Save Message option and Execute.

T Code ME9F

Above step is performed to generate reminder message so select PO no and Click on Generate Message.

System will create message in background, it is displayed with green color.

Delivery Reminder Message

Go to ME9F

It is advisable to create new output type for delivery reminders in order to avoid overlapping.

Enter Input whichever is applicable i.e. PO doc type, PO No, Vendor, Application type as EA, Message Type MAHN, Processing Status as 0 and press execute(F8).

Output screen will display list of all pending delivery reminder to vendors, here select order no and click on output message.

Delivery Reminder Message

Mail will be triggered to Vendor in PDF format with attachment,Here System will automatically decides level of delivery reminder.

Example- if 1st reminders already sent then system will send 2nd level of reminder by mentioning level as reminder 2 in PDF format.

Above all process can also be executed in background with the help of basis or abap technical consultant.

Remember- all GRNs must be prepared on time for proper and effective functioning of reminding process.

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