SAP Quality Management Process Flow

The Quality Management module supports quality planning, quality inspection and quality control.

The integration of the Quality module in the SAP allows quality management tasks to be combined with other applications such as materials, prod and sales and distribution.

Quality Management module in the R/3 system is configured with the enterprise elements and other configuration controls like inspection types etc. Necessary master data is created.

The processes involved in Quality management are described in detail as below

As we all aware that in SAP every movement of material is identified by specific numerical key which is called movement type.

Here each movement type is linked with Inspection origin or inspection type in order to identify details like source, process, origin type of activity and others.

inspection origins are assigned in material master QM View, here we have multiple option to control inspection process.

Objective of every inspection process is to check certain parameter or observation, here it is called inspection characteristics and grouping of them is called inspection plan.

Here we have taken example of inspection origin 01

when we take goods receipt against purchase order in background system perform below task for inspection lot creation.

1.Reading Material Master to know Insp Origin assigned.

2.Checking of inspection plan for characteristics inclusion.

3.checking Sampling Scheme.

as mentioned above, system creates insp lot in goods receipt and inventory will be visible to unrestricted or Quality inspection location as per settings done in Master.

It is suggested to post inventory into inspection stock for further process.

Now Quality Dept will enter actual results in system against each characteristics ( Optional or Mandatory).

For any analytic decision making we must have 2 details first planing and second actual situation so in above steps we have covered both things.

Now Quality dept can perform last and most important step of QM i.e. Usage Decision.

UD can be done by selecting proper UD code from drop down menu and on saving of UD system performs automatic goods transfer posting from QA Stock to ready to use Stock.


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